Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Address

Assalamu'alaikum dear Inong Hana-Nan's reader :)
In this post I just wanna inform you that this is just a temporary blog. I have changed my real blog, Inong Hana-Nan, address to Why I changed the address? Well it was because I think reniinongsafitri is too long to be remembered. I wanted to changed the address since a long time but haven't got any easy-to-remember address. And then I thought why not if I shorten my blog's address from reniinongsafitri to reinsa (REni INong SAfitri) hehe...

Fyi, my name is Reni Safitri but there are so many people with this name exist in this digital world hehe. So, to be different, I add "Inong" as my middle name. Inong is Girl (or Wife) in Acehnese. Inong Hana-Nan means Girl Without Name :) I don't know why I named my blog like that :P

Btw, please visit my real blog ->